15 Days


^This dog sums up half my feelings right now. I’m tired as heck but I feel pretty awesome right now. I’ve been eating correctly, (Veggies, rice, fish, etc etc) I’ve been working out pretty hard and I’ve been trying out different exercises. I went from 279lb to 268lb. I feel like a boss, that is ten pounds lost in fifteen days. I feel more energetic, well not today I feel pretty damn tired but normally I fell more energetic. ┬áMy biggest hurdle now is sleeping, I go to school from 6pm to 10pm, Then I get home do a bit of working out and computer playing till like 4am. THIS IS NOT HEALTHY, I am going to stop but but but but…….. Internet wuvs me.

Its times like this where I look up a picture of a sexy woman and think, “What is better, having a body that will attract her or reading 900 articles of cracked?”

ImageSome how I don’t think she cares about my internet humor.

 This is my update for the night and more will come soon. I will also be using this blog to talk about other things besides my blubber.


Normal man big dreams


Now look at all that candy. Don’t worry I’ll wait…. good. Now Let me tell you about myself and this blog. I’m a chubby guy like many of you who may be reading this right now. I have been exercising on and off for years with mixed results. I’ve been 188lbs (85.2k scg for you metric folks.) to 297lb (134.7Kg). I suffer from depression and that leaves me just having anything from screw it days (Literally do nothing.) To screw it seasons (weeks of doing nothing.)

I’m looking to improve myself this Blog is my first step but beyond that this is a feedback session, I’m open to criticism, motivation, and heck if any of you have blogs doing the same I don’t mind making this into a group effort.

Down to the grit of what this blog is about. Today is June fifteenth, I have two goals in mind by june 15th of next year I want to have two things done.

1. I will have a fully written book . I am starting it tomorrow.

2. I will drop at the very least 80lbs. My goal being to get down to 180lbs. I am currently 270lbs so that is 90lbs I will lose at least 90% of this an I will keep you posted. This will be tracked here along with the progress of my book.