A Male version of a Fat Girls Blog that I am following.

You’re fat. Get off your fat ass and get some exercise.
No thanks I’m good…
But…. You can die from being fat!
I can also die from a heart attack from working out. So I’m still good.
We won’t even talk  to you until you can look down and see your own junk.
FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE…. Damn hostage vagina.
Thanks for signing up for out broke man’s plan, you can figure out the rest on your own right or you can fork over $200 for two week.
*dirty looks at fat man* Dude like why are you here you only going to quit in a week and go cry into you pancakes at IHOP. *Proceeds to lift 100+ lbs dumbells.*
I’m here because…… *Thinks back to the sexy women that don’t want him as he is.* Nevermind that…. I’m going to improve. *proceeds to strain self on 10lbs dumbells.*
Hey, fatty! You gotta keep it up at least one hour a day five days a week. Then you can get as good as ROIDS McGEE.
*Friendly* Spot me and I spot you?
Um your not going to make fun of me?
Nooo we are going to get in shape and see what all the hype is about.
EW! Look at the doughboys! Go back to McDonalds.
Ignore them and lift. *Whispers* Visualize kicking them in the face on every rep.

Six months later and 75lbs later.

Oh god I haven’t been playing WOW, XBOX or Wii in six months. I wonder how my online friends are doing. *Notices they are all still fat, lazy, and unwilling to join him in his exercise.* I guess this is good bye? *Sells all video games to buy new clothes to fit his new life style.*
Your still fat but damn you looking good. Instead of sending you the 1/10 girls your used to we have decided that you look good enough to get bumped up to 5/10.


*Drools and increase his work out greatly.*

3 years later and 10% body fat obtained.

SOCIETY: I’m mirin you. Make love to me every night, you can skirt by interview on appearance alone, you can make love to anyone that catches you eye and we won’t make fun of you ever again. FAT MA- I mean… GYM HERO.

(End story)

I know many gym rats who basic life story is this. Nothing worth gaining is easy and you will be made fun of if your fat and weak but just use that fire to get stronger and stronger. I have your back and I hope you have the back of every Fat dude you see in the gym.

Now read the original ladies post and send her some sweet words. (Even if she is a feminist lol.)



Fear of Dreams

I have trouble sleeping, I don’t think I have full blown insomnia but I’m starting to get headaches from the lack of sleep and the weird hours, Its really troubling me but alas, ON TO THE TOPIC!!!


I have so many dreams that I want to accomplish and I’m only getting older with each and every step. I WILL NOT LET fear govern my dreams, I am a fat, black nerd with way too much time on his hands. This will now be translated to this, I am a work in progress, I will be a shining example of effort in every thing that I do.  Unlike anywhere else in my life I’m going to be open and honest regarding myself, with the joys of anonymity. I can be human without judgment, I can be silly without judgement and I can talk about what I really believe in without judgment. Now I don’t mean that people won’t say nasty things but I do mean that they can’t do anything to derail my offline life. 


Yep I’m just going to park riiiiiiiiight here.

I feel that by bleeding a little bit of my mind here, I have a better chance of holding myself accountable to the dreams I have set. I don’t mind sharing here what I want most and that is new life, I’ve been a lazy fat guy for way to long, I have not made much with all the blessing that I have been given in life and that is enough to drive me up the wall looking back on how much I’ve ruined out of sheer laziness and Fear. 

I’ve always been afraid of putting myself out there in the limelight and getting my hands dirty, not because of fear of my enemies, of hardship, of struggles but because of my own fear of losing myself to success. Who I really am is not who I appear to be in public, but I like both side of myself and I think that if one overwhelms the other, it won’t work out. But part of my growth is to drop the ‘ifs’  in my life, I can’t afford to care if I want the kinda people in my life that I am lacking, If I want to form the bonds that  really matter to me I cannot  be timid about my dreams, even if I burn away every friendship I have had by just being honest, where they really good friends to begin with?


Can’t get tougher skin without a little pain.

So All and All to keep with this tribute I will be updating my blogs every Tuesday and Friday. And I will keep striving towards happiness even if I gotta bleed the whole way and stop having delicious snacks.