You thought I was dead? Hell I thought I was dead.

Failure. Failure isn’t just when you don’t succeed its when you don’t pick up your ruined body and press forward. Even in media, we see our hero broken up nearly torn apart by his/her enormous challenge and they continue onward. (John McClain, Rocky, Naruto, Simon, Kamina, Nickola Tesla, hell even Wreck-it Ralph.) I fell and didn’t get up, I broke down and stayed down.

I stepped on the scale this week with pressing from my brother. He has been losing weight like a mad man and has lost 30lbs while I…I have gained 50lbs. I am disappointed in myself, I feel heavy, lethargic, and many other side-effects that hurt confidence like a monster.

NO FREAKING MORE! I AM TAKEN BY DREAMS, I will not fail that name, I will not fail myself and I will not fail my own dreams. Depression will not beat me. My black dog will get NEUTERED before I let that happen. Today is my first day of school, today I will be diving into my life, not just fitness but I’ve been slacking on my book writing, slacking on my living, and slacking at my dreams. This is taboo that I cannot accept. Dear readers I want you to join me on my path to greatness. So I’m going to have a little competition, Every week any poster that says a good fitness recipe that I can make will have a post dedicated to them about the recipe and a small video of me making it.

I will not be taken in by failure but be taken by dreams.

Come with me brothers and sisters, I will accept you as you accept me and we will get into a powerful more successful future.