Exercise issues and solutions.

One of the biggest problems I find with my slow shifting to a more happy lifestyle isn’t working out. Its sleep. I really can’t seem to get myself to do it. I normally keep myself awake online for hours doing homework or just chatting with friends. 

Sleep is a very important part of life and lack of it can kill you and weaken your immune system.  I am going to try limiting my use of my computer at night. I have plenty of time during the day to use it for the important things.



Totally Important….. Totally

Now my next hurdle is very simple. I need to join a gym, the one I had picked o ut is over priced and underwhelming. I am going to check planet fitness today to see if I get on that 25 dollar a month thing. Getting a feel for a gym is important if your going to shell out two years worth of money. I hope I can drag a friend or two out there as my +1.

So my people I am feeling a little renewed and positive, Also my schooling is going good. Human relations whooooo hooooo.


So to recap.  I am going to sleep more. I’m going to workout more when I get a gym. Once I get my gym workouts on a schedule I’m going to take pictures of myself so that you can get a feel for my before picture and maybe even join me on that path.


So my brothers and sister out of shape as I am. Lets do this!


11 Exhausted SF Tropes You Should Avoid. Really.

Everyone who writes should give this guy a glance.

Carrie Cuinn

Some ideas have been done to death in science fiction. We all know there are no new ideas anymore, and what matters most is the execution of the idea you stole have, but there are a few things that are not only over-done, they’re either incredibly stupid or offensive, as well. Here’s a partial list of tropes I’d love to never see again:

Stupid/Lazy Writing

  1. Funky Alien Language: your aliens from across the galaxy speak perfect English, except for a few “untranslatable” slang phrases? Or the language is made entirely of clicks and apostrophes? Hey, I know! All of your proper names are made with the 5, 8, or 10 point letters from Scrabble. Worst yet is when all of the men have harsh, hard-sounding names, and all of  the women (or other effeminate species) have soft, vowel- and f/l/sh-heavy names. This is an instant clue that you’re dealing…

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Weekly Writing Challenge: A Pinch of You

The Side dish.

10oz of genuine humor

5tsp of Spider Phobia

25fl. of Liquid perversion

5tps of Activism

10oz of Human Loyalty

1tps of Cautious

Directions : To complete the side dish you will mix all of the ingredients in to a small pot. Set the temperature to very social, wait until it boils into a soft brown, for extra flavor give it an small dusting of love and watch as the liquid becomes a rich brown almost golden. Then serve to the poor and watch as they are well fed and engaged.

Note: Too much may cause addiction, good feelings and possibly random shouting of “I love you.”


The Main Dish

1/2lb of raw Detroit Survival Instinct

1/2lb of lean cut southern hospitality

3tsp of writing hobbies

3tsp of social connections

4fl  oz of Basic Military Training

4fl oz of Love

10tsp of Social acceptance

4 oz of Learning the hard way

6 oz of doing it the hard way

1tsp of Former Gamer

7 oz of Humanity

3tsp of Humility

2tsp of oddities

Directions place all of the ingredients in to a pot of world traveling, allow it to simmer in the pot for two hours, remove and place the meat into the life tray of the stove. Set temperature to adversity, allow the meat to toughen a little before removal. Once its out of the stove sprinkle it lightly with oddities. 

Note : This is deeply filling meal meant to be shared with many people. This dish is rare among many social circles and is meant to be a treat to welcome many new friends into your life.



I hope you enjoyed. The source is here http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/07/22/weekly-writing-challenge-recipe/

Ten rules for Fat Guys

1. You are not obligated to be thin, healthy, or handsome. (But you won’t be able to look down and see your mini-me)

2. Your a man and you show the world who you are by your body first. (So get comfortable with it or make it reflect who you see on the inside.)

3. Don’t talk shit about other people. (Because your shit stinks too.)

4. Never let other people keep you down for long.

5. Women are beautiful but common. (If one disses you for being fat, move on. Don’t sweat them.)

6. Understand that there are worse things in life than being fat.  (Like diabetes! So hit the gym!)

7. Be confident in yourself even when you fail, people may laugh and point and tease but when you finally succeed you will be better but they will have never moved.

8. Know your goals and work to them always. Even when you finished you’ll have made new goals.

9. Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Always.

10. Accept everyone for who they are. That includes yourself.


Not a rule but a suggestion. Like this and share it with other who may need it.

My fat feminist buddy inspired me so send her some love.(Even if she is a feminist.)


Doesn’t matter …


Doesn’t matter what the press says. Doesn’t matter what the politicians or the mobs say. Doesn’t matter if the whole country decides that something wrong is something right. This nation was founded on one principle above all else: the requirement that we stand up for what we believe, no matter the odds or the consequences. When the mob and the press and the whole world tell you to move, your job is to plant yourself like a tree beside the river of truth, and tell the whole world “No, you move.” -Captain America

I like this an I want to apply this to my life. I like to stand up for anyone that need it. I don’t care if you fat, homely, gay, straight, strange, normal, religious, non-religious. 

If you need a friend, if you need a someone to have you back I will stand by you  because at the end. We are humans and you are all my sisters and brothers. Friends and family. Let grow together.

Fear of Dreams

I have trouble sleeping, I don’t think I have full blown insomnia but I’m starting to get headaches from the lack of sleep and the weird hours, Its really troubling me but alas, ON TO THE TOPIC!!!


I have so many dreams that I want to accomplish and I’m only getting older with each and every step. I WILL NOT LET fear govern my dreams, I am a fat, black nerd with way too much time on his hands. This will now be translated to this, I am a work in progress, I will be a shining example of effort in every thing that I do.  Unlike anywhere else in my life I’m going to be open and honest regarding myself, with the joys of anonymity. I can be human without judgment, I can be silly without judgement and I can talk about what I really believe in without judgment. Now I don’t mean that people won’t say nasty things but I do mean that they can’t do anything to derail my offline life. 


Yep I’m just going to park riiiiiiiiight here.

I feel that by bleeding a little bit of my mind here, I have a better chance of holding myself accountable to the dreams I have set. I don’t mind sharing here what I want most and that is new life, I’ve been a lazy fat guy for way to long, I have not made much with all the blessing that I have been given in life and that is enough to drive me up the wall looking back on how much I’ve ruined out of sheer laziness and Fear. 

I’ve always been afraid of putting myself out there in the limelight and getting my hands dirty, not because of fear of my enemies, of hardship, of struggles but because of my own fear of losing myself to success. Who I really am is not who I appear to be in public, but I like both side of myself and I think that if one overwhelms the other, it won’t work out. But part of my growth is to drop the ‘ifs’  in my life, I can’t afford to care if I want the kinda people in my life that I am lacking, If I want to form the bonds that  really matter to me I cannot  be timid about my dreams, even if I burn away every friendship I have had by just being honest, where they really good friends to begin with?


Can’t get tougher skin without a little pain.

So All and All to keep with this tribute I will be updating my blogs every Tuesday and Friday. And I will keep striving towards happiness even if I gotta bleed the whole way and stop having delicious snacks. 

Normal man big dreams


Now look at all that candy. Don’t worry I’ll wait…. good. Now Let me tell you about myself and this blog. I’m a chubby guy like many of you who may be reading this right now. I have been exercising on and off for years with mixed results. I’ve been 188lbs (85.2k scg for you metric folks.) to 297lb (134.7Kg). I suffer from depression and that leaves me just having anything from screw it days (Literally do nothing.) To screw it seasons (weeks of doing nothing.)

I’m looking to improve myself this Blog is my first step but beyond that this is a feedback session, I’m open to criticism, motivation, and heck if any of you have blogs doing the same I don’t mind making this into a group effort.

Down to the grit of what this blog is about. Today is June fifteenth, I have two goals in mind by june 15th of next year I want to have two things done.

1. I will have a fully written book . I am starting it tomorrow.

2. I will drop at the very least 80lbs. My goal being to get down to 180lbs. I am currently 270lbs so that is 90lbs I will lose at least 90% of this an I will keep you posted. This will be tracked here along with the progress of my book.