Exercise issues and solutions.

One of the biggest problems I find with my slow shifting to a more happy lifestyle isn’t working out. Its sleep. I really can’t seem to get myself to do it. I normally keep myself awake online for hours doing homework or just chatting with friends. 

Sleep is a very important part of life and lack of it can kill you and weaken your immune system.  I am going to try limiting my use of my computer at night. I have plenty of time during the day to use it for the important things.



Totally Important….. Totally

Now my next hurdle is very simple. I need to join a gym, the one I had picked o ut is over priced and underwhelming. I am going to check planet fitness today to see if I get on that 25 dollar a month thing. Getting a feel for a gym is important if your going to shell out two years worth of money. I hope I can drag a friend or two out there as my +1.

So my people I am feeling a little renewed and positive, Also my schooling is going good. Human relations whooooo hooooo.


So to recap.  I am going to sleep more. I’m going to workout more when I get a gym. Once I get my gym workouts on a schedule I’m going to take pictures of myself so that you can get a feel for my before picture and maybe even join me on that path.


So my brothers and sister out of shape as I am. Lets do this!


11 Exhausted SF Tropes You Should Avoid. Really.

Everyone who writes should give this guy a glance.

Carrie Cuinn

Some ideas have been done to death in science fiction. We all know there are no new ideas anymore, and what matters most is the execution of the idea you stole have, but there are a few things that are not only over-done, they’re either incredibly stupid or offensive, as well. Here’s a partial list of tropes I’d love to never see again:

Stupid/Lazy Writing

  1. Funky Alien Language: your aliens from across the galaxy speak perfect English, except for a few “untranslatable” slang phrases? Or the language is made entirely of clicks and apostrophes? Hey, I know! All of your proper names are made with the 5, 8, or 10 point letters from Scrabble. Worst yet is when all of the men have harsh, hard-sounding names, and all of  the women (or other effeminate species) have soft, vowel- and f/l/sh-heavy names. This is an instant clue that you’re dealing…

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Weekly Writing Challenge: A Pinch of You

The Side dish.

10oz of genuine humor

5tsp of Spider Phobia

25fl. of Liquid perversion

5tps of Activism

10oz of Human Loyalty

1tps of Cautious

Directions : To complete the side dish you will mix all of the ingredients in to a small pot. Set the temperature to very social, wait until it boils into a soft brown, for extra flavor give it an small dusting of love and watch as the liquid becomes a rich brown almost golden. Then serve to the poor and watch as they are well fed and engaged.

Note: Too much may cause addiction, good feelings and possibly random shouting of “I love you.”


The Main Dish

1/2lb of raw Detroit Survival Instinct

1/2lb of lean cut southern hospitality

3tsp of writing hobbies

3tsp of social connections

4fl  oz of Basic Military Training

4fl oz of Love

10tsp of Social acceptance

4 oz of Learning the hard way

6 oz of doing it the hard way

1tsp of Former Gamer

7 oz of Humanity

3tsp of Humility

2tsp of oddities

Directions place all of the ingredients in to a pot of world traveling, allow it to simmer in the pot for two hours, remove and place the meat into the life tray of the stove. Set temperature to adversity, allow the meat to toughen a little before removal. Once its out of the stove sprinkle it lightly with oddities. 

Note : This is deeply filling meal meant to be shared with many people. This dish is rare among many social circles and is meant to be a treat to welcome many new friends into your life.



I hope you enjoyed. The source is here http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/07/22/weekly-writing-challenge-recipe/


As I said in one of my earlier goals I will be writing.so I wanted to post a little short story that I practiced on. I got the prompt from http://matthewdellar.com/2013/04/25/100-more-fantasy-writing-prompts/ 163. At random intervals, the entire world hears a song from everywhere, like everything is contained inside a massive omnipresent orchestra.

Anton’s Story

It was the same as since before I was born, the music would start, we called it Hell’s Melody. Its a horrible discordant mess. It was like a piano but too loud and too harsh. Every noon on the first day of fifth winter and when it happened someone from the village would disappear. The first time I heard it as a child, my mother disappeared during the music. The second time I was still a child and my father disappeared before my eyes, the villagers claimed my family was cursed and forced my family to live out in the woods in a small shack. No one would talk to the doomed family, even as during my fifteenth birthday the music claimed my older sister while we were farming. I didn’t even see her as she went but it was my time, I had reached twenty and I was ready. This is my story.


“Cursed Cossack, Cursed Cossack, Soon to be a gone, it won’t be long. The town will have more room but soon it will be his doom!” Several Children chimed outside of a little cabin in the woods as a large man step outside. “You little scum bags! Get off of my fucking land!” The large man growled and held up an axe threateningly at the children as they scattered in a hurried fashion. The man smiled and yelled, “I won’t die! Anton Cossack is no one sacrifice!” Anton locked his door as he continued to the edge of the woods, his axe made short work of the dead logs tree that made some of the best fire wood, he grinned at his labor. A sharp bark caught his ear as started to pile the wood into orderly stacks near what remain of his cabin. A black dog with matted fur appeared from the woods as he smiles, “Ah my only friend in the world, How are you?” The dog wagged its tail and jumped at him in a playful manner, Anton grabbed the dog in mid jump as the flea bitten mongrel lapped at his face.

“Stop Stop, I gotta take this wood back home. I only have three hours before the music starts and I want to be ready.” He told the large canine who gave him one last lick before Anton drop the canine back on the ground. He stroked his shaggy black fuzz gathering on his face as he collected two arm fulls of wood and placed them in front of his house as the canine continued to follow him. “You hungry little guy? I am too, I’m really scared. I don’t want to disappear like my family. I’ve been preparing for this to happen my entire life but…. I don’t know WHAT I’ve been preparing for.” He admitted to the canine, who just yawned as a response, “Heh I guess you have the right idea, if I am going to die….Then I’ll die giving whatever took my family away hell. That’s why I like you, Sokol, you’ve always been wise.” He reached into his pocket and tossed a bit of dried meat at Sokol with a smile, “I’ve only got a little bit of time left but I wanted to tell you if I don’t make it, you’ve been my best friend and I want you to have this.” He pulled a locket from neck and placed it around Sokol who panted happily and shook his head. “It was found when I lost my sister. You can have, I hope it helps you remember me in case…. in case this is my last time feeding you.”


A chime from the town church reached his ears, “I have only and hour, I don’t want you to be locked in hear with me.” He open his door and smiled as the sun slowly rose closer to its noon-day position, the air started to feel unnaturally chilly. “Hmmm.” Anton smiled and reached for his axe as he walked to the center of his living room and began to pray. “God of the Woods, Lotham, Who protects the forest and keeps my crops safe, I call to you guide me tonight. If I die, make those villagers get the shits as one final fuck you from me. By your leaves and bounty I pray.” He grinned while keeping his eyes on the door way. The time was less than a few minutes till noon, “Sokol, If you don’t mind, I would like someone to see me off.” He gave the black hound a hug before planting a kiss on Sokol’s cheek.

The music started to play softly at first, discordant chimes mixed with the most horrible wind pipe Anton had ever heard. “So… its time…” Anton pickup his axe and place his back against the nearest wall. “Alright.. Alright….” Anton kept repeating this mantra to himself.

The sky outside turned black as if someone had blown out a candle. Anton paled as he ran to quickly light a candle. “Shit! Shit!” He struck flint against the wick of his candle as the music continued to place at a more fervent pace. The candle lit slowly as Anton quickly held the candle in one hand and his axe in another. “Don’t cower in the darkness, you son of a horses asshole!” He yelled into the darkness. The room was completely silent the only sound Anton could hear was his own heart beat in his ears. Thump! The sound caused the large man to jump like a frightened child as he struggled to regain his composure. “I’m not afraid, I’m not afraid.” He could feel the Cabin getting colder and colder.


‘Anton…’ A voice whispered on the wind as Anton turn around to face the voice and was greeted with nothing. ‘Come outside, Anton… Its a lovely night…. please join us….’ The melody became more aggressive as the entire house shook with a loud thump. “Like Hell I’m coming outside.” He answered with a shaky voice as his grip tighten around the axe. As he walked backward into a corner heard heard a low growl. “Sokol? Is that you? Come here, Sokol. Don’t fight it.” A soft whine is heard followed by scraping that sound like a something being dragged. “NO SOKOL!!” He dashed to the source of the sound and stop in his doorway only to see that there was no sign of his best friend. “Sokol….. Why did you take him?” He whispered to the dark woods around his home and recieved no answer.


Anton shivered as the temperature dropped around him and his candle threaten to give out. “I’m coming for you, Sokol.” He walked back into his house and used his candle to light a well worn looking lantern. Stepping outside, Anton noticed that even in the blackness beyond the soft flickering light his lantern there was another light. It was moving in the woods behind him he heard his door slam and latch. ‘Anton… We are waiting in the woods….. Sokol is waiting…… with us.’ “What have you done with Sokol!?! He has nothing to do with this! Let him go!” He scream into the darkness before walk with his axe at the ready. He moved toward the light that seems to flicker further and further into the woods.


As he walked the music became louder and louder, his ears hurt as his head throbbed along with the strange piano melody with the eerie windpipe. As he got deeper into the woods he noticed that he couldn’t see his home or any light besides his own as the chill was getting to him. The light finally stopped as he broke into a run, the sounds driving him insane with off key noise. Animal growl started to pierce into his mind as his own heart beats started to add a drum to the horrible den of noises. He finally reached a clearing only a few yards from the light, many women and men were gathered around him. Each of them were nude and looking back at him with a small knowing smile, “Anton… You’ve come.” A woman stepped out of the crowd and looked at him, she looked almost his age and wore a crown made of deer antlers. Anton raise his axe and looked at the crowd, his eyes wild as the music beat in his ears at almost defending tone. “Give me back my family and Sokol! No more games! No more music.” He yelled over the music, “Anton…. Anton…. Anton….” The crowd began to chant before the crowned woman raised a hand and silenced them all, with a gesture she beckoned a few of them forward and Anton felt his jaw slacken in awe. “Mama? Papa? Yula?” The crowned woman smiled, “Anton…. Join us.” She said with a tone that was soft and maternal, he couldn’t fight back tears as he took a step backward. “No… They are not themselves. What have you done to them?!” He yelled while looking into the empty eyes of his family.

“Our God has claimed their souls as is a God’s right. You will understand soon as he has come personally to take you to his paradise.” She spoke revently as Anton felt heat behind him of something breathing over him. “Lotham! Protect Me!” He screamed as he whipped his axe around to strike back at whatever was behind him. He could no longer hear a thing as his axe made a deep thunk into the flesh of a creature he could barely see. The music stopped and there was a discordant scream that rocked him off his feet as the creature roared in pain and dropped something at his feet.

The creature retreated backward into the darkness as Anton looked down at what was dropped, his bladder released itself as he looked upon the torn and mangled body of Sokol. At a lost for words he couldn’t even focus as all of the people grabbed him from behind and dragged him to the center of the clearing. Anton could not see his friend but he cntinue to stare at the spot his only friend was dropped his attention was snapped back to current threat as the creature gave a roar that caused the very treats to shake, it looked down with the axe still embedded within it face giving Anton a full view of its monstrous form. It was almost as large as his cabin, its mouth was slack still dripping with Sokol’s blood between its knife like teeth, Its body was a hunch over like an ape, its skin was covered in soft brown fur that was matted along the large clawed appendages that past for arms. Two huge horns curled from its head and to the middle of its hunched back, the creature was clearly male and muscular. Its eyes glowed brightly as light coals bathing everything it gazed upon in a sickly green glow.

The creature sniffed Anton carefully and gave a simple growl to the crowned woman. She began to strip the clothing from Anton body as the other held him down. His sister leaned down place a kiss one his cheek. “Brother, Don’t resist…” She said as the creature leaned down and gave his body a lick, the large serpentine tongue burning his skin like acid. He screamed and struggled as he tried to resist. His mind screaming for him to get away, the licking continued for hours as his burns started to form a strange symbol. The crowned woman gave a small chant as the people flipped him over on his back and raised his hips high. “Our God has accepted this one as his bride.” Anton screamed as the creature loomed over his he could feel it breathing against the back of his neck. For only a split second he screamed himself hoarse as he felt a burning pain unlike any other. He mercifully blacked out as the chanting became louder and his vocal chords refused to produce any more sounds.

Seven days later Anton awoke in the center of town, his body covered in blood and his throat damaged beyond repair. The healers did their best to keep him from dying but little else could be done for the ‘Blessed Son’ who came back from Hell’s Melody. He lacked the education to write so no one could learn how they could survive Hell’s Melody themselves when he awoke…..

My name is Anton, I feel something growing within me, I cannot control my body and I can hear a new Hell’s Melody from within. Please help me. Please! My name is Anton and I can hear the music…



Well I’m not only here to tell you about my victories and my strengths. I must also confess my weaknesses. This weekend I cheated massively on my diet, I ate chicken (Buffalo wild wings), I had a piece of a brownie, I had alcohol.  I am not proud of my behavior but I will improve my behavior.

As punishment for my actions, I will impose greater restrictions in my current diet/workout. From today forward I will be keeping a very close monitor on my calorie count. I will be exercising EVERYDAY versus my current trend of only working out on non-school days. Now it will be everyday. I don’t want to disappoint any of my readers and I don’t want to disappoint myself.


I wanna look like this!! 

All I can say is that I am sorry and it won’t happen again. I will be joining a gym very soon and I will post my progress and let you know how epic I succeed/fail. I might even take a picture of myself working out.


This might be me in a few days :3

I want to be an honest success story so I won’t like or miss inform anyone of what happens to me so if ANYONE has critic or help they want to give. I will post the best tips and possibly write an article on it. I’m with everyone who wants a change whether you are failing or succeeding.

Ten rules for Fat Guys

1. You are not obligated to be thin, healthy, or handsome. (But you won’t be able to look down and see your mini-me)

2. Your a man and you show the world who you are by your body first. (So get comfortable with it or make it reflect who you see on the inside.)

3. Don’t talk shit about other people. (Because your shit stinks too.)

4. Never let other people keep you down for long.

5. Women are beautiful but common. (If one disses you for being fat, move on. Don’t sweat them.)

6. Understand that there are worse things in life than being fat.  (Like diabetes! So hit the gym!)

7. Be confident in yourself even when you fail, people may laugh and point and tease but when you finally succeed you will be better but they will have never moved.

8. Know your goals and work to them always. Even when you finished you’ll have made new goals.

9. Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Always.

10. Accept everyone for who they are. That includes yourself.


Not a rule but a suggestion. Like this and share it with other who may need it.

My fat feminist buddy inspired me so send her some love.(Even if she is a feminist.)


Doesn’t matter …


Doesn’t matter what the press says. Doesn’t matter what the politicians or the mobs say. Doesn’t matter if the whole country decides that something wrong is something right. This nation was founded on one principle above all else: the requirement that we stand up for what we believe, no matter the odds or the consequences. When the mob and the press and the whole world tell you to move, your job is to plant yourself like a tree beside the river of truth, and tell the whole world “No, you move.” -Captain America

I like this an I want to apply this to my life. I like to stand up for anyone that need it. I don’t care if you fat, homely, gay, straight, strange, normal, religious, non-religious. 

If you need a friend, if you need a someone to have you back I will stand by you  because at the end. We are humans and you are all my sisters and brothers. Friends and family. Let grow together.