Update on the chubby guy!

It’s been a while, I’ve come a bit of a way but I need to have some talk time with my lovely followers. First off, I’ve been busy with my summer classes, I mean life or death busy. I think I passed two out of the three classes I’ve been working hard in. Image


With that out the way lets talk about FITNESS!!!! I’ve gained weight, two pounds exactly but I’ve been eating less so I’m a little confused. My friends say its muscle weight but erm… I’ve only been in the gym less than two weeks if I’m building muscle that fast I must be channeling in inner spirit of Hercules. Now I have been feeling better but one of my biggest problems is sleeping like a normal human being. My hours of sleep is 1am-5am this is not healthy and if I take the sleep medication that I got OTC it leaves me drained when I wake up.



I’ll be up in just a few more hours…..zzzzz

 Now enough on the sour news my lovelies! I have some good news and it comes like a mother-loving train. First bit of good news is that I found a workout buddy that I can drag to the gym, I tried asking most of my friends and most of them said yes but didn’t deliver now I got a friend that lives on the way to the gym that is willing to go when I go. wooohooo. (Note: I get more motivated when out with others. I don’t like to go at it alone.) 

Next bit of good news is that I finally reached that point of being able to say no. since last week I have said no to ice cream, cake, cheesecake, lava cake, frosted flakes, bacon, more bacon, sexy bacon, ultra thick cut bacon and thirsty females. I’m a little proud of myself even though I know I am still on the bottom steps to success. I am going to weight myself next Friday so everyone can get a good look at where I am headed. 







Well I’m not only here to tell you about my victories and my strengths. I must also confess my weaknesses. This weekend I cheated massively on my diet, I ate chicken (Buffalo wild wings), I had a piece of a brownie, I had alcohol.  I am not proud of my behavior but I will improve my behavior.

As punishment for my actions, I will impose greater restrictions in my current diet/workout. From today forward I will be keeping a very close monitor on my calorie count. I will be exercising EVERYDAY versus my current trend of only working out on non-school days. Now it will be everyday. I don’t want to disappoint any of my readers and I don’t want to disappoint myself.


I wanna look like this!! 

All I can say is that I am sorry and it won’t happen again. I will be joining a gym very soon and I will post my progress and let you know how epic I succeed/fail. I might even take a picture of myself working out.


This might be me in a few days :3

I want to be an honest success story so I won’t like or miss inform anyone of what happens to me so if ANYONE has critic or help they want to give. I will post the best tips and possibly write an article on it. I’m with everyone who wants a change whether you are failing or succeeding.