Update on the chubby guy!

It’s been a while, I’ve come a bit of a way but I need to have some talk time with my lovely followers. First off, I’ve been busy with my summer classes, I mean life or death busy. I think I passed two out of the three classes I’ve been working hard in. Image


With that out the way lets talk about FITNESS!!!! I’ve gained weight, two pounds exactly but I’ve been eating less so I’m a little confused. My friends say its muscle weight but erm… I’ve only been in the gym less than two weeks if I’m building muscle that fast I must be channeling in inner spirit of Hercules. Now I have been feeling better but one of my biggest problems is sleeping like a normal human being. My hours of sleep is 1am-5am this is not healthy and if I take the sleep medication that I got OTC it leaves me drained when I wake up.



I’ll be up in just a few more hours…..zzzzz

 Now enough on the sour news my lovelies! I have some good news and it comes like a mother-loving train. First bit of good news is that I found a workout buddy that I can drag to the gym, I tried asking most of my friends and most of them said yes but didn’t deliver now I got a friend that lives on the way to the gym that is willing to go when I go. wooohooo. (Note: I get more motivated when out with others. I don’t like to go at it alone.) 

Next bit of good news is that I finally reached that point of being able to say no. since last week I have said no to ice cream, cake, cheesecake, lava cake, frosted flakes, bacon, more bacon, sexy bacon, ultra thick cut bacon and thirsty females. I’m a little proud of myself even though I know I am still on the bottom steps to success. I am going to weight myself next Friday so everyone can get a good look at where I am headed. 






Exercise issues and solutions.

One of the biggest problems I find with my slow shifting to a more happy lifestyle isn’t working out. Its sleep. I really can’t seem to get myself to do it. I normally keep myself awake online for hours doing homework or just chatting with friends. 

Sleep is a very important part of life and lack of it can kill you and weaken your immune system.  I am going to try limiting my use of my computer at night. I have plenty of time during the day to use it for the important things.



Totally Important….. Totally

Now my next hurdle is very simple. I need to join a gym, the one I had picked o ut is over priced and underwhelming. I am going to check planet fitness today to see if I get on that 25 dollar a month thing. Getting a feel for a gym is important if your going to shell out two years worth of money. I hope I can drag a friend or two out there as my +1.

So my people I am feeling a little renewed and positive, Also my schooling is going good. Human relations whooooo hooooo.


So to recap.  I am going to sleep more. I’m going to workout more when I get a gym. Once I get my gym workouts on a schedule I’m going to take pictures of myself so that you can get a feel for my before picture and maybe even join me on that path.


So my brothers and sister out of shape as I am. Lets do this!